Intelligent Ultrasound Achieves Carbon Neutral Company Status

21st March 2022, Cardiff: Intelligent Ultrasound (IU) today announced that it has secured the status of a Carbon Neutral Company – a significant milestone as part of the company’s wider Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, while taking climate action and improving lives.

Carbon neutrality means that the carbon footprint of a company, product, service or event has been calculated on the basis of internationally recognised standards and fully offset by supporting certified carbon offset projects.

Offsetting CO2 emissions is an important step in effective climate action, alongside avoidance and reduction. In 2021, IU committed to a 2-year plan to reduce carbon emissions in line with the Carbon Trust’s 3 defined scopes; direct emissions, indirect emissions and indirect emissions associated with the company’s value chain.  

Audited by German carbon off-set company ‘ClimatePartner’, IU has successfully achieved scope 1 and 2, reviewing and reducing emissions created by company vehicles, buildings, business travel and employee commuting.

Despite a relatively low direct negative environmental impact, the company has offset 100% of the Group’s direct 2021 CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions to support the UK Afforestation Project and the Clean Cookstoves Project in Rwanda, a project already supported by IU through complementary products and services.

Work continues in 2022 as IU aims to reduce indirect emissions through its products and services. IU will work upstream with suppliers who provide the company’s components and downstream with customers in relation to use, transportation and end-of life of products.

IU’s CEO Stuart Gall commented “We are delighted to have achieved Carbon Neutral Company status. This is the first milestone in IU’s overall ESG goals – to build a profitable and sustainable business that delivers the company’s vision of enabling ultrasound for everyone – while recognising and managing the environmental, social and governance issues that are important to stakeholders, customers, and staff”.

In 2021 IU set up an ESG working group, which includes Directors and employee representatives, to review not only the Group’s environmental impact, but employee engagement, development and retention, diversity and inclusion and engaging with the local community. In addition, IU remains committed to conducting its business in an honest, transparent, and socially responsible manner, values which underpin IU’s commitment to the highest standards of governance.

A full report on IU’s ESG plan and the status of this will be released in April 2022.