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Proposed sale of Clinical AI to GE HealthCare

18th July 2024, Intelligent Ultrasound is pleased to announce it has entered into a conditional sale and purchase agreement for the sale of its Clinical AI business to GE HealthCare. The Proposed Transaction excludes the NeedleTrainer and NeedleTrainer Plus products which will remain within the Company along with the Simulation Business.

Introducing Endometriosis Plus.

A sister product to the full ScanTrainer system, this package offers a cost-effective, portable solution to train in transvaginal ultrasound (TVS) and endometriosis diagnosis at scale, using advanced simulation coupled with eLearning.

Nova Southeastern University expands its Medical Sonography Program with an additional three ScanTrainers.

The Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences at Nova Southeastern University has extended its medical sonography program to include three additional ScanTrainers, to expand student access to high-fidelity simulation, hands-on practise and pathology recognition.

Latest Version of Intelligent Ultrasound’s NeedleTrainer Expands Learning to Even More Procedures

Intelligent Ultrasound is excited to announce the launch of NeedleTrainer 2.6. The latest version takes the simulation platform even further, expanding learning to even more procedures and in turn departments.

Intelligent Ultrasound Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

Intelligent Ultrasound is proud to announce its 20th anniversary. Over the past two decades, the company has been at the forefront of developing advanced ultrasound training simulators and AI software, revolutionising the way medical professionals learn and practice ultrasound techniques.

Infra-inguinal Fascia Iliaca Block now available in the UK and EU

Introducing the Infra-inguinal Fascia Iliaca Block to ScanNav Anatomy PNB in the UK and EU. This new block is ideal for emergency medicine practitioners due to its clear anatomical landmarks, with a lower risk of nerve injury in comparison to some other blocks.

Revolutionizing Emergency Pain Management: The Role of ScanNav Anatomy PNB

In the fast-paced world of emergency medicine, every second counts. The integration of AI into regional anesthesia, epitomized by ScanNav Anatomy PNB, heralds a new era of precision and efficiency in ultrasound guided PNBs, enhancing procedural success and patient satisfaction in emergency medicine.

Revolutionizing CRNA Education with Intelligent Ultrasound Solutions

Revolutionize CRNA education with Intelligent Ultrasound Solutions, providing realistic simulation, repeatable practice, and immediate feedback. Empower CRNA students to master ultrasound procedures with confidence and competence for real-world practice.

SonoLyst, powered byIntelligent Ultrasound’s ScanNav AI, launches on new GE HealthCare Voluson Signature Series ultrasound machines

Intelligent Ultrasound announces that GE HealthCare’s SonoLyst software, powered by ScanNav AI, has been launched on the new Voluson Signature Series portfolio of ultrasound machines, the Signature 20 and Signature 18.

The Synergy of BodyWorks Eve and HeartWorks

While both BodyWorks Eve and HeartWorks excel in their respective domains, it's their synergy that truly sets them apart, allowing learners to transition between different areas of learning within one unified platform that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.