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Hands-on, Safe, Flexible Bronchoscopy Trainer

The ORSIM is an innovative simulator designed to teach advanced bronchoscopy skills in a virtual environment, providing an economical and safe solution to training and enabling practitioners to prepare for real-life airway management situations.

Intelligent Ultrasound is the authorized reseller of the ORSIM in the UK and North America.


Compact, Robust, and Highly Portable

The ORSIM Bronchoscopy Simulator enables part task training and promotes skill development and dexterity with a functional replica bronchoscope as well as providing an economical and safe solution to training. Both the replica video bronchoscope and desktop sensor modules are designed for the rigors of training – avoiding expensive damage to clinical bronchoscopes.

High Definition

Multiple High Definition Anatomy & Pathology Scenarios

High-definition virtual modeling of a range of anatomy and pathology scenarios facilitates bronchoscope dexterity as well as building experience and knowledge. The ORSIM also includes metrics for objective scoring and performance evaluation. Instant feedback is provided through session recording to aid learning and training evaluation.


Explore an array of pulmonary pathology in a safe, virtual environment

Manipulating a flexible bronchoscope to achieve an accurate clinical diagnosis is a key skill for every pulmonologist. The ORSIM lets you understand normal and distorted anatomy, recognize pathology, and improve your bronchoscopy skills.

Progress through the ORSIM pulmonary syllabus and safely experience patients with thermal injury, small cell carcinoma, bronchiectasis, amyloidosis, and much more.


Children are not little adults.

A child’s anatomy is different; their physiology is different; their diseases are different. Pediatric airway management is different too. Flexible bronchoscopy is an essential technique for managing the difficult pediatric airway, which is smaller and more reactive than the adult airway.

ORSIM Pediatrics is specifically designed to demonstrate these differences. There is less room to maneuver, movements are amplified and patients have a shorter apnea time. ORSIM Pediatrics helps users develop confidence and skill for pediatric airway management.

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“The ORSIM® is a remarkable training program which can be used by many different practitioners to learn the art of flexible bronchoscopy.”

Naomi Brown, Senior Lecturer and Ultrasound Course Lead, University of Hertfordshire, UKCarin A. Hagberg, M.D., Joseph C. Gabel Professor and Chair, Medical School Department of Anesthesiology, UTHealth; Past President and Executive Director of The Society for Airway Management

Develop skills and dexterity using a fully functional bronchoscope, in a realistic, virtual, safe environment

Realistic virtual bronchoscopy simulation provides rapid exposure to multiple scenarios before clinical application.

High definition virtual modeling of a range of anatomy and pathology scenarios.

Metrics for objective scoring and performance are provided through session recording to aid learning and training evaluation.

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