A new generation of clinical-AI making diagnostic ultrasound simpler to use, and easier to learn

We are harnessing the power of a new generation of AI algorithms to make ultrasound simpler to use, and easier to learn by providing guidance and support to medical professionals while they are scanning.

AI-based real-time highlighting of anatomy for anesthetists carrying out peripheral nerve blocks.

AI-based real-time image analysis software is incorporated into GE Healthcare’s VolusonTM SWIFT ultrasound machines to support sonographers during OBGYN scans.

Our AI technology is built around the original work of Professor Alison Noble FRS OBE, and Professor Aris Papageorghiou from The University of Oxford. Alison and Aris still work with us today, keeping us informed of the latest advances in the field, to ensure that the products we develop meet a real clinical need.

We have a well-curated, growing database of over 4 million images that our in-house team of image segmenters and machine learning specialists use to develop our ScanNav image analysis software.

These products are focused on moving AI into the clinic to give real-time support to clinicians whilst they are scanning. Eventually, we want to make it so easy to carry out an ultrasound scan, that people would be able to have an Intelligent Ultrasound scanner in their medicine cabinet at home.