Unlocking the potential of Ultrasound

Intelligent Ultrasound’s vision is to harness the power of the new generation of AI algorithms to make ultrasound simpler to use and easier to learn by providing guidance and support to medical professionals whilst they are scanning. We are currently focused on the field of obstetrics and will expand into other specialities, as our technology becomes established.

With millions of worried well around the world, our technology could one day enable consumers to scan themselves at home, through AI enabled hardware and diagnostic apps on their cell phones. It’s a future that could transform the potential of ultrasound for everyone.

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ScanNav acts as a colleague in the room, checking that images conform to protocol. This ‘intelligent check list’ helps novice and expert alike, by ensuring that no images are missed during a scan. Our first ScanNav product focuses on the obstetric FASP scan.


ScanNav can also help make sure that pathologies are not missed during a scan. Regions that do not look normal are highlighted for further examination. Our second ScanNav product in development will focus on general medical scanning of the abdomen.


NeedleGuide will act as an automated guidance tool for ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve block anaesthesia. Using AI and augmented reality it will provide the user with automated needle tip tracking to reduce the risk in ultrasound guided needling procedures.