Regional Anesthesia

Comprehensive education in regional anesthesia

Despite the known benefits, the majority of patients undergoing eligible surgery are not routinely offered peripheral nerve blocks (PNB).

Needle-probe coordination, along with image acquisition and interpretation, are fundamental in the practice of Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia (UGRA), and a rate-limiting step for non-experts. We aim to support the wider uptake of UGRA in clinical practice by increasing training opportunities and enhancing the accuracy and standardization of ultrasound image interpretation, helping clinicians to identify anatomical structures relevant to UGRA procedures.

From the classroom…

An all-in-one training solution to teach ultrasound-guided needling safely and effectively, using non-invasive needle insertion during real-time scanning on a real subject.

….to the clinic.

Real-time AI-assistance for regional anesthesia, providing a color overlay of key sono-anatomical structures during a live ultrasound scan.

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