Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy

We have always been a business focused on making a positive impact with our customers, employees and communities. We understand that for our business to be successful we need to recognize, understand and manage the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that are important to both our stakeholders and our business.

In 2021 we formalized our approach and set up an ESG working group, chaired by the CEO, to:

Develop and implement a formal ESG policy that reflects our goal to build a sustainable and viable, long-term business that will enable ultrasound for everyone

Develop and implement an environmental training/awareness programme for all employees

Minimize the Group’s carbon emissions through incentives such as green travel incentives and offset the Group’s 2021 carbon emissions

Develop an ESG dashboard that is reviewed annually and reported to stakeholders


Acknowledging the Group’s role in the low-carbon world

Despite the current relatively low direct negative environmental impact of the Group,
we have offset 100% of the Group’s direct 2021 CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions through a programme of supporting the clean cookstoves project in Rwanda and the UK afforestation project, both certified carbon offset projects through Climate Partner. Read more about our carbon neutral status >>

We’re proud to use DHL’s climate-neutral shipping service, DHL GOGREEN, as part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. What is DHL GOGREEN?


Aligning our people with our purpose

Our success depends upon the quality of our people across a wide range of
disciplines. Many members of our team have joined the Company because they seek to
make a difference in the world, and we want the culture of the Company to build on this. We want a working environment that enables us to attract, engage and retain the best people. Working for us should be both challenging, purposeful and enjoyable. See our current vacancies >>

Employee retention in 2021 was



Honest, transparent and responsible

We seek to conduct all of our operating and business activities in an honest, ethical and
socially responsible manner and these values underpin our business model and strategy.

The Group obtained the IASME Governance certification in 2020 which is renewed
annually to ensure that best practice continues to be followed. IASME Governance is risk-based and includes key aspects of security such as incident
response, staff training, planning and operations.

We are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity with all of our
stakeholders, including commercial partners, customers, suppliers, employees and
investors/shareholders. The ESG working group is chaired by the CEO and reports to the Board.

ESG News

Most Recent

  • Supporting WFUMB in improving global healthcare
    Intelligent Ultrasound will be supporting the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (“WFUMB”) in its mission to bring sustainable ultrasound programmes to the underserved areas of the world to improve global healthcare through collaboration, communication and education.

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