Surgical and Operating Room

Safe, realistic training in surgical ultrasound scenarios

From ultrasound-guided needling to advanced 3D echo investigations, ultrasound can provide vital information to advise surgical and operating room scenarios.

High-fidelity ultrasound simulation provides a risk-free training solution to learn early probe manipulation techniques away from the operating room, and run perioperative scenarios for surgical and anesthesia trainees in a supportive training environment.

Safe, realistic training in surgical and operating room ultrasound scenarios

Realistic surgical scenario training

Hands-on, Safe, Flexible Bronchoscopy Trainer. An innovative simulator designed to teach advanced bronchoscopy skills in a virtual environment.

ORSIM operating room bronchoscopy simulation.

Simulation in Cardiac Anatomy, Echocardiography and Lung Ultrasound.

Realistic, Safe & Effective Training in Ultrasound-Guided Needling.

Study echo views or explain anatomy to patients with the HeartWorks® anatomically correct 3D heart on a portable tablet.

Clinical AI Assistance

AI-based real-time highlighting of anatomy for anesthetists carrying out peripheral nerve blocks.

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