Realistic, safe & effective training in ultrasound-guided needling

NeedleTrainer™ provides an all-in-one training solution to teach ultrasound-guided needling safely and effectively, using non-invasive needle insertion during real-time scanning on a real subject.

Complete solution

Now available to even more institutions

The first of its kind, NeedleTrainer™ uses a retractable needle and virtual image overlays to simulate needling non-invasively on a live participant, using an authentic live ultrasound scan. This enables trainees to develop hand-eye coordination, optimum positioning, and accuracy in ultrasound-guided interventional procedures in a realistic clinical environment with minimal risk.

NeedleTrainer™ is the latest development in Intelligent Ultrasound’s vision to make ultrasound simpler to use and easier to learn. The new generation of NeedleTrainer™ encompasses a GE Healthcare Vscan™ Air providing an all-in-one training solution for any medical education program teaching ultrasound-guided needling, enabling centers to adapt to new curriculum requirements on learning these skills without impacting clinical hours or patient safety.

Quantitative Metrics

Metrics for proficiency of needle probe co-ordination

Needle visualization measurements provide objective quantitative metrics for needle probe alignment, to aid assessment in proficiency and competence of needle probe coordination:

  • Time elapsed (s)
  • Tip in view (%)

Flexible and Versatile

Tailor needle specifications to your procedure

Allows customization of the virtual needle simulation according to the procedure & specialty requirements:

  • Echogenicity: Obvious, Semi-obvious, Realistic
  • Gauge: 14G, 18G, 22G and 27G

Adaptive Learning

Complete learning pathway for regional anesthesia

Extend learning to include image interpretation along with needle-probe coordination, with the full classroom-to-clinic learning package*, specifically designed for regional anesthesia.

*The classroom-to-clinic package includes NeedleTrainer plus, with anatomy highlighting of 10 peripheral nerve blocks, and ScanNav Anatomy PNB.

Order replacement needling patches

NeedleTrainer uses self-adhesive patches to enable simulated needle insertion on a live subject. Replacement patches can be ordered online in boxes of 100 or 50.

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£249.00 excl. Tax

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