Revolutionizing CRNA Education with Intelligent Ultrasound Solutions

Revolutionize CRNA education with Intelligent Ultrasound Solutions, providing realistic simulation, repeatable practice, and immediate feedback. Empower CRNA students to master ultrasound procedures with confidence and competence for real-world practice.

SonoLyst, powered byIntelligent Ultrasound’s ScanNav AI, launches on new GE HealthCare Voluson Signature Series ultrasound machines

Intelligent Ultrasound announces that GE HealthCare’s SonoLyst software, powered by ScanNav AI, has been launched on the new Voluson Signature Series portfolio of ultrasound machines, the Signature 20 and Signature 18.

The Synergy of BodyWorks Eve and HeartWorks

While both BodyWorks Eve and HeartWorks excel in their respective domains, it's their synergy that truly sets them apart, allowing learners to transition between different areas of learning within one unified platform that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.

Latest release of BabyWorks sees Intelligent Ultrasound’s Infant Manikin Growing at Pace

In the latest release of BabyWorks, IU has added another six cardiac pathologies to the simulator and, through collaboration with specialists, further improved the lungs.

HQ.MED.ED chose Intelligent Ultrasound simulators to improve rural healthcare.

HQ.MED.ED has invested in Intelligent Ultrasound’s BodyWorks Eve, HeartWorks and NeedleTrainer as part of the ‘Minnesota point of care ultrasound project’ to educate thousands of healthcare professionals in rural areas across the state.

Intelligent Ultrasound Brings Together Expertise and Technology to Deliver Regional Anesthesia Courses

Intelligent Ultrasound has announced that it is partnering with experts to deliver a series of medical education courses for regional anesthesia. The aim – to bring together clinical expertise and technology to drive the increased use of UGRA and improved patient outcomes.

The Importance of Scanning for Gestational Age

Prof. Suresh Seshadri is a fetal medicine expert whose company, MediScan Systems, introduced ultrasound to the private sector in India in 1982. In this blog we interview him on the importance of scanning for gestational age.

Intelligent Ultrasound Calls for More Specialist Training for Endometriosis Scanning

Intelligent Ultrasound is calling for more sonographers to be trained to identify complex cases of endometriosis, so that patients can be diagnosed and referred for treatment sooner — Train, identify and diagnose.

NHS Education for Scotland Invests in NeedleTrainer and ScanNav Anatomy PNB to Deliver Enhanced ‘Classroom to Clinic’ Learning

NHS Education for Scotland has Invested in NeedleTrainer and ScanNav Anatomy PNB to deliver enhanced ‘Classroom to Clinic’ learning for regional anaesthesia.

Intelligent Ultrasound announces that its gestational age estimation AI software, ScanNav FetalCheck, is being used in the largest ever trial study on use of aspirin to prevent pre-eclampsia

Intelligent Ultrasound is pleased to announce that its gestational age software, ScanNav FetalCheck, is to be used in the largest ever trial on the use of aspirin to prevent pre-eclampsia.