Intelligent Ultrasound Introduces Infra-inguinal Fascia Iliaca Block to ScanNav Anatomy PNB in the UK and EU

Cardiff, UK – 21st June 2024 – Intelligent Ultrasound Group (AIM: IUG), a global leader in ultrasound simulation and AI-enhanced ultrasound image analysis, is pleased to announce the launch of the Infra-inguinal Fascia Iliaca Block (IIFIB) within ScanNav Anatomy Peripheral Nerve Block. This new block, delivering analgesia and anesthesia to the hip and thigh, is currently available in the UK and EU only, and is ideal for emergency medicine practitioners due to its clear anatomical landmarks, with a lower risk of nerve injury in comparison to some other blocks.

Ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks (PNBs) are highly effective for both pain management and primary anesthesia in emergency medicine, with research showing increased patient satisfaction and reduced opioid use compared to traditional methods 1 2. In addition, prehospital ultrasound guided PNBs have been shown to significantly reduce pain intensity and severity in trauma patients compared to traditional systemic analgesia 3.

The addition of the Infra-inguinal Fascia Iliaca Block (IIFIB) into ScanNav Anatomy PNB is a significant advancement for emergency settings. Recommended by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM), IIFIB involves a groin injection to block hip region nerves, offering a lower risk of intra-neural and intra-vascular injections compared to the Femoral Nerve Block (FNB) 4 and is easier to perform than the Supra-inguinal Fascia Iliaca Block due to its straightforward anatomical landmarks. ScanNav Anatomy PNB supports this guidance by providing real-time AI-based anatomy highlighting, supporting competence and confidence in ultrasound image interpretation. This integration helps clinicians confidently identify correct anatomical structures before needle insertion and local anesthetic injection.

  • Effective Pain Relief: Provides pain relief for up to 12 hours, reducing the need for opiates 5.
  • Increased Safety: FIB offers a safety advantage over FNB because there is a lower risk of intra-neural and intra-vascular injection.
  • Ease of Access: The injection site for infra-inguinal is below the inguinal ligament which is relatively accessible.
  • Advanced Support: ScanNav Anatomy PNB provides real-time highlighting of key sono-anatomical structures, providing confidence during clinical practise.
  • Enhanced Training: ScanNav Anatomy PNB supports training and recall with embedded probe placement videos and educational content.

Product manager, Talia Stokes commented “We’re really pleased to be able to extend use the use of ScanNav Anatomy PNB to include the Infra-inguinal Fascia Iliaca block. The addition of this block will enhance the use of ScanNav Anatomy PNB for emergency medicine and enable departments to increase access to peripheral nerve blocks in everyday practice, improving pain management and anesthesia options for patients.” The Infra-inguinal Fascia Iliaca Block will be added to ScanNav Anatomy PNB in the UK and EU, in addition to the 10 high-value peripheral blocks already available worldwide (including all ‘plan A’ blocks endorsed by RA-UK). Existing ScanNav Anatomy PNB systems will be updated according to service agreements, customers will be contacted directly to arrange the updates.

AI-based real-time highlighting of anatomy for anesthetists carrying out peripheral nerve blocks.

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