Latest Version of Intelligent Ultrasound’s NeedleTrainer Expands Learning to Even More Procedures

Latest Version of Intelligent Ultrasound’s NeedleTrainer Expands Learning to Even More Procedures 

2nd July 2024, Cardiff, UK: Intelligent Ultrasound (IU) today announced the launch of NeedleTrainer 2.6. The latest version of IU’s first-in-kind training solution offers improved applicability across different needling practices, and a new mode and e-learning to assist with the training of common vascular access procedures. 

NeedleTrainer provides an all-in-one training solution to teach ultrasound-guided needling safely and effectively, using non-invasive needle insertion during real-time scanning on a real subject. 

First launched in 2022, the platform has seen a significant up take worldwide, particularly in ultrasound guided regional anesthesia, with institutions including Health Education and Improvement Wales, University College London Hospital , Einstein Healthcare Network and the University of Evansville all adopting the platform to meet training needs. The latest version takes the simulation platform even further, expanding learning to even more procedures and in turn departments.   

IU has added two new needle lengths to NeedleTrainer. In addition to redesigning the existing 84mm length needle, NeedleTrainer now offers 40mm and 120mm length needles to provide additional authenticity in the development of needle probe co-ordination skills across a wider variety of clinical fields, including line placement, nephrology and OBGYN.  

Promoting increased muscle memory and cognitive recollection, the smaller and larger needles have been designed to replicate those most commonly seen in the clinical setting. The alternative needles, which are available as an add-on package, will help trainees in the classroom to develop their needle-probe co-ordination skills in a safe and risk-free environment. 

To compliment the introduction of the alternative needle lengths, IU has also added a ‘Vascular Access Mode’ to assist with the training of common vascular access procedures.  

Building upon their popular ‘probe placement’ videos, IU has introduced similar videos that will encourage and facilitate trainees in learning the correct ultrasound view for central venous catheter, peripheral inserted central catheter, peripheral intravenous cannulation, femoral venous catheter and subclavian venous catheter insertions.  

The videos aim to develop knowledge and confidence in trainees by highlighting key anatomical structures and provide instructions on how to achieve the optimal probe positioning for the correct view when performing line placement procedures.  

In addition to the on-machine videos, an e-learn module will be available on IU Academy and will form part of the add-on package with the alternative needles to enhance the value of NeedleTrainer in regard to learning vascular access procedures.  

Product Manager Ashton Evans commented “We’re excited to open up this unique platform to allow training on even more procedures.  At a time when the demand for training in ultrasound guided needling is at a high, but budgets across many healthcare institutions is at a low, the latest version of NeedleTrainer will allow hospitals and training facilities to get the very most out of their investment across multiple departments.” 

For more information on NeedleTrainer, visit the product page.