The most authentic simulation solution to develop  the required cognitive and psychomotor skills for transesophageal echocardiography (TEE).

Users will find the real-time and seamless ultrasound imaging  in synchronisation with their movement of the TEE probe, the most realistic and accurate training experience available in preparation for real patient examinations.

A stress free and certainly risk free ultrasound training solution, the HeartWorks system is an essential addition to any unit offering an ultrasound and echocardiography service, or trying to teach such skills.
Dr Craig Morris
Consultant Intensivist and Anaesthetist
Royal Derby Hospital, UK
  • Learn cardiac anatomy
  • Practise TEE probe manipulation skills
  • Acquire quality diagnostic images
  • Relate ultrasound views to anatomy concurrent with probe manipulation in all planes
  • Recognise pathology
  • 2D, Doppler & M-mode imaging
book a demonstration
key features of heartworks TEE simulator
Understand cardiac anatomy

Slicing and removing sections of the beating, interactive 3D heart model reveals underlying structures that have been annotated, labeled and described. An integrated text book facilitates a comprehensive understanding of cardiac anatomy.

Anatomy Module 1
Realistic TEE probe positioning

Authentic controls on the TEE probe in a life-size torso manikin allow for realistic practice of scanning skills. The manikin can be positioned supine or at a 45 degrees left lateral tilt to represent common scanning positions.

HeartWorks Hand-held
Relate images to anatomy

The ground-breaking virtual TEE probe generates simulated ultrasound images, which are derived directly and continuously from the 3D heart model.  With the standard flexion, rotation and angulation capabilities of a multi-plane probe, students of TEE will be able to clearly visualise the relationship between the 2D TEE image represented on the screen and the underlying 3D anatomy of the heart.

Cardiac Tamponade TEE
Doppler & M-mode functions

Colour and spectral Doppler modalities are available along with the tools with which to make accurate quantitative assessment of cardiac function. Pulsed and continuous wave Doppler information can be obtained from any intra-cardiac region.

AS Doppler TEE
extensive pathology models
Mechanical Aortic Valve
Cardiac Tamponade
RV Dysfunction with Tricuspid Regurgitation
The Complete Training System

HeartWorks TEE Simulator includes HeartWorks Modules 1,2 & 3

HeartWorks offers a range of ultrasound simulators including the HeartWorks Dual simulator for teaching both TEE and TTE together in one manikin.


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Our Support Plans give you access to new pathological model releases, Doppler imaging and measurement tool enhancements, as well as anatomical and software updates.

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Tübingen University launches its new TEE course with HeartWorks
The Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Department (Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Peter Rosenberger) at the leading Tübingen University of Medicine, Germany has recently launched its new TEE simulation course using the HeartWorks system. Dr. Harry Magunia, Staff Anesthesiologist at the University said, ‘While medical simulation has been gathering momentum in Germany for some years now, simulation training for TEE has been limited…

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