Brand new centre for ultrasound education in the north east of England

MedaPhor is pleased to announce that Teesside University has chosen ScanTrainer as the core ultrasound training simulator for its brand new ultrasound simulation hub – Regional Ultrasound Simulation Centre. The centre will be the ultrasound education hub for the North East England region.

The centre, located within Teesside University’s School of Health and Social Care, is using four ScanTrainer transvaginal (TVS) and transabdominal (TAS) combination systems complete with obstetrics, gynaecology, emergency medicine and general medical modules and will be used to teach students and medical practitioners basic and advanced ultrasound scanning skills.

Simon Richards, Programme Leader at Teesside University, explains:

“In the interest of patient safety, and to alleviate the pressures on clinicians, the centre is offering students and medical practitioners the ability to learn ultrasound skills in a safe self-learning environment using the best simulation technologies in the world.

‘ScanTrainer offers trainees an incredibly realistic learning experience. ScanTutor, its virtual tutor, allows trainees to learn in their own time without the need for expert supervision. We’re excited to have ScanTrainer at the centre and we’re looking forward to taking it with us into the future.”

Stuart Gall, CEO, at MedaPhor, comments:

“The new simulation centre designed specifically for the purpose of providing ultrasound education demonstrates the growing clinical need for high-quality ultrasound education within the UK. Simulation centres of this kind are a growing trend around the world and we’re delighted to be working with Teesside University to help them develop their state-of-the-art simulation centre.”

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ScanTrainer offers trainees an incredibly realistic learning experience.

Simon Richards, Programme Leader at Teesside University