what is orsim?

ORSIM is a high quality, virtual reality bronchoscopy simulator that has been designed as an affordable all-in-one solution to address an urgent need to improve bronchoscopy training.

ORSIM Laptop Screen

why orsim?

Students using ORSIM will gain realistic and practical experience in managing difficult airways to prepare them for real life scenarios. Exceptional graphics provide a graduated learning pathway from non-anatomical models to an unparalleled array of complex airway pathology.

Light-weight and portable, the ORSIM is easy to set up and operate, providing rapid exposure to multiple scenarios. The result is significant savings in training time, resources and repairs to clinical equipment.

Such easy regular access to simulated training increases patient safety, reduces skills-fade and improves a clinicians preparation prior to treating real patients.

the orsim learning pathway
ORSIM Training
a comprehensive education in bronchoscopy
unique features of orsim
MedaPhor product in use

economical bronchoscopy training

The ORSIM is a robust training tool enabling self-directed patient-free and tutor-free learning. The result is significant cost savings in terms of training time and training resources.

Recording and Evaluation

Recording and evaluation

Includes metrics for objective scoring and performance and evaluation. Instant feedback is provided through session recording to aid learning and training evaluation.


Lightweight and portable

Weighing less than 10kg when packed, the ORSIM can be stored near the OR for regular use, then carried with ease and deployed in minutes at training centres, conferences and classrooms.