Medaphor launches latest version of ScanTrainer and connects first customers to the cloud

MedaPhor Group plc (AIM: MED) (“MedaPhor”), the global provider of advanced ultrasound education and training for medical professionals, is pleased to announce that it has launched the latest version of its ScanTrainer training system (v5.0) and connected its first customers to the cloud.

MedaPhor’s lead product is ScanTrainer, a virtual reality based ‘real feel’ ultrasound-training simulator that enables trainees, of any level, to literally feel what they see on the computer screen in order to develop the complex mix of cognitive skills and eye-hand coordination required to learn all the key ultrasound scanning skills.

The company’s new v5.0 software includes a number of key developments designed to maintain its position as one of the world’s leading ultrasound training companies.

The most important of these developments is the company’s move to the cloud. All ScanTrainer simulators will now have the option of running from the cloud, allowing:

  • Tutors to review trainee results online;
  • Software updates to automatically upload;
  • Detailed system usage summaries for tutors;
  • Tutors to create bespoke case studies and share them with other hospitals;
  • Trainees to access their data from any simulator and view all associated resources and video online; and
  • Hospital groups or accrediting bodies to offer standardised training with centralised, objective practical examinations.

This cloud connectivity creates a global online community for doctors around the world to share training lessons and techniques and provides the first phase of the company’s cloud-based development programme that is required to fulfil management’s ambitions of scale.

Further improvements, introduced in response to continuing dialogue with our customers, include updated training modules, cine-loop (scroll-back), remote image review, a simpler control panel and super assessment, designed to test users’ ability.

Stuart Gall, CEO of MedaPhor Group plc, said:

“This is a major development milestone for the company. The first systems in the UK are now running through the cloud, which offers the potential for our systems to provide regional, national and international, standardised and objective training and examination of ultrasound scanning skills. The ability of hospitals to share training cases, remotely assess trainees’ scanning skills and open up trainee access to our learning resources remotely via a tablet will dramatically expand the usability of our system. This is the first phase of our cloud-based development programme and we are now working on phase two, which will expand the system’s cloud capability in 2015.”

Dr Vivien Gibbs from the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences at the University of the West of England said:

“We purchased the ScanTrainer after viewing all the available options, and realising that ScanTrainer is the most effective and versatile ultrasound training system on the market. The ability to link the training between our Higher Education Institution department and the new cloud-based software is an exciting new development, which will enable us improve the learning experience for students, and provides a genuinely ground-breaking training solution for universities and hospitals around the world.”