Intelligent Ultrasound commences partnership with Mediscan Systems to use artificial intelligence (AI) and simulation to improve patient care in India

Intelligent Ultrasound (AIM:MED), today announced that it had commenced a partnership with Mediscan Systems, a premier fetal medicine and ultrasound research & training centre, to use AI and Simulation to improve patient care in India.

Intelligent Ultrasound will be supporting Mediscan’s education and training programmes by providing its ScanTrainer advanced ultrasound skills training simulators. ScanTrainer is the only ultrasound skills training simulator to offer curriculum-based teaching using real patient scans with haptic feedback, ScanTutor real-time assisted guidance and comprehensive metric-based assessment in one system. Mediscan’s new simulators will allow it to continue its mission as a leading trainer in ultrasound skills in India.

As part of the partnership Mediscan will also help Intelligent Ultrasound further enhance its obstetric AI image database to aid the development of its ScanNav AI-based clinical software that provides support for ultrasound professionals whilst conducting obstetric scanning. ScanNav’s AI technology uses deep-learning techniques which require large image libraries to enable the technology to comprehensively ‘learn’ how to identify normal and abnormal ultrasound images.

Dr Suresh, Director Mediscan Systems said

“Ultrasound has become an important part of primary obstetric care and needs to be available and easily accessible. It is very important that doctors who are involved in the care of pregnant women both at the primary level and in referral centres should have structured training in ultrasound. We envisage the ScanTrainer being a valuable addition to the ultrasound education programs that we provide to clinicians across India and the world. We also hope that the variety of obstetric scans that we’re able to contribute to the ScanNav database will help Intelligent Ultrasound on its mission to transform ultrasound delivery in hospitals the world over”.

Mr Nicholas Sleep, Chief Technology Officer at Intelligent Ultrasound said:

“This new partnership with Prof Suresh & his team at Mediscan will further enhance the accuracy of ScanNav which we continue to develop for clinical use in hospitals around the world. We are also pleased to be supporting him in his goal of improving the quality of ultrasound practice in India and throughout the world.”