HeartWorks provides realistic ultrasound training simulation in cardiac anatomy and echocardiography, enabling trainees to develop their knowledge of cardiac structures, practice complex and invasive procedures, and image interpretation in a safe and non pressurised environment.

Revolutionizing CRNA Education with Intelligent Ultrasound Solutions

Revolutionize CRNA education with Intelligent Ultrasound Solutions, providing realistic simulation, repeatable practice, and immediate feedback. Empower CRNA students to master ultrasound procedures with confidence and competence for real-world practice.

The Synergy of BodyWorks Eve and HeartWorks

While both BodyWorks Eve and HeartWorks excel in their respective domains, it's their synergy that truly sets them apart, allowing learners to transition between different areas of learning within one unified platform that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.

HQ.MED.ED chose Intelligent Ultrasound simulators to improve rural healthcare.

HQ.MED.ED has invested in Intelligent Ultrasound’s BodyWorks Eve, HeartWorks and NeedleTrainer as part of the ‘Minnesota point of care ultrasound project’ to educate thousands of healthcare professionals in rural areas across the state.

Intelligent Ultrasound announces that its gestational age estimation AI software, ScanNav FetalCheck, is being used in the largest ever trial study on use of aspirin to prevent pre-eclampsia

Intelligent Ultrasound is pleased to announce that its gestational age software, ScanNav FetalCheck, is to be used in the largest ever trial on the use of aspirin to prevent pre-eclampsia.

BodyWorks Eve and HeartWorks: Supporting Emory University at Home and Overseas

Emory University has invested in BodyWorks Eve and HeartWorks. Eve will support the University with residency education at its School of Medicine in Atlanta, and outside the USA via a ‘Global Health portable Point Of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) and Echocardiography Course’ – unlocking ultrasound at home and overseas!

MSU invested in BodyWorks-HeartWorks to further CRNA education

Michigan State University (MSU) has invested in a combined BodyWorks-HeartWorks simulator to provide students with access to realistic scenario training. Primarily for initial use by the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) program, the simulator will be used to mimic real-world practice in a safe, controlled environment for students.

Dr. Shields, DNP, CRNA discusses the changing landscape of PoCUS in CRNA education

Point-of-Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) is now part of CRNA graduation requirements, but programs are having to adapt with limited structure and resources. We spoke to John Shields, DNP, CRNA; about how PoCUS is changing the landscape of CRNA education and clinical practice.

The University of Evansville Selects Intelligent Ultrasound to Increase Student Learning Opportunities and Deliver Superior Patient Care

The University of Evansville’s Nurse Anesthesia Program has invested in Intelligent Ultrasound’s (IU) NeedleTrainer, BodyWorks Eve, HeartWorks and ORSIM to extend its simulation lab, increase student learning opportunities and ultimately improve patient care.

Over 400 trainees gain BSE accreditation thanks to HeartWorks

Since 2020, Intelligent Ultrasound has been supporting the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) to run transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) practical assessments safely. Jo Sopala, CEO, BSE explained “We have over 4700 members, and this helped 429 of them to get their accreditation through that time. So nearly 10% of our members came through a process that was completely and utterly facilitated by the support provided by Intelligent Ultrasound.”

Birmingham Children’s Hospital use HeartWorks to expand learning opportunities

Birmingham children’s hospital have developed a training program specifically for paediatric echocardiography trainees, using the HeartWorks simulator to expand learning opportunities and relieve the strain of training with a potentially difficult patient population. It is hoped that the program can be expanded in the future to help train specialist paediatric echocardiographers nationwide.