University of Hertfordshire achieves 100% transvaginal pass rate with ScanTrainer

The University of Hertfordshire needed an advanced simulation solution to counter the lack of clinical practice opportunities for its ultrasound students. Since implementing a ScanTrainer Transvaginal Simulator (TVS), student confidence levels are at an all-time high and the University is achieving a 100% pass rate across all transvaginal modules.

Limited clinical practice opportunities adversely affected pass rates

The University runs a range of ultrasound courses – from standalone level 7 short courses for healthcare professionals to full undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
Traditionally the University was using a combination of clinical skills training and in-class practice; using ultrasound machines and simulation to train students across all disciplines. As pressures grew on ultrasound departments, finding opportunities for students to learn in the clinical setting grew more difficult – especially for invasive obstetrics and gynaecology procedures.

In addition, the simulator they were using in the classroom setting was no longer offering the quality of education they wanted to deliver. Naomi Brown, Senior Lecturer and Ultrasound Course Lead, at the University of Hertfordshire explains, “We began to notice that the pass rates weren’t what they used to be, especially in obstetrics and gynaecology – the clinical practice opportunities just weren’t there anymore. We wanted to deliver the best education possible for our students so we began to look for a way to do this.”

Looking at simulation to deliver the best education for students

It quickly became apparent that an advanced simulation solution would help to relieve the problem however the simulator that they already had was no longer fit for purpose. Ms. Brown was approached by MedaPhor who introduced her to ScanTrainer.

Following a demonstration on-campus the decision was quickly made to purchase a ScanTrainer Transvaginal Simulator (TVS). Ms. Brown explains: “The first time I used ScanTrainer, I immediately thought to myself ‘I must have that!’ We assessed other solutions on the market but nothing else provided the level of realism or the in-depth virtual tutor guidance that ScanTrainer did.”

Student confidence at an all-time high!

ScanTrainer has enabled the University to completely change the way it delivers its ultrasound courses and student confidence levels are at an all time high. Ms. Brown explains: “Simulation now plays a major role in our education delivery and we’ve seen some significant improvements. The self-learn side of ScanTrainer means that our students are able to practice on the system virtually any time they want. This has made a significant difference to student confidence both in the classroom and when entering into a clinical scenario.”

In addition, students are now achieving a 100% pass rate in transvaginal obstetrics and gynaecology, Ms. Brown explains: “Since implementing it into our programmes not a single student has failed the transvaginal obstetrics or gynaecology modules which is great for them and great for us as tutors! “ScanTrainer is a fantastic platform for students to learn and practice on before going into a clinical setting.”

Looking ahead…

The University plans to look at other MedaPhor products, such as the ScanTrainer Transabdominal Simulator (TAS), to enhance the other elements of the University’s
ultrasound programmes. “As the need for ultrasound skills grows, we plan to further enhance the other ultrasound modules as well as develop CPD courses for paramedics and we hope for ScanTrainer to be central to this,” concludes Ms. Brown.

Since implementing ScanTrainer into our programmes not a single student has failed the transvaginal obstetrics or gynaecology modules.

Naomi Brown,
Senior Lecturer and Ultrasound Course Lead, University of Hertfordshire