Evaluating the ORSIM simulator for assessment of anaesthetists’ skills in flexible bronchoscopy: aspects of validity and reliability

Baker PA, Weller JM, Baker MJ, Hounsell GL, Scott J, Gardiner PJ, et al. OrSim |  Results provide initial evidence on the validity and reliability of the ORSIM bronchoscopy simulator, supporting its potential value in training and assessment.

The effect of virtual reality bronchoscopy simulator training on performance of bronchoscopic-guided intubation in patients: a randomised controlled trial

Wong DT, Mehta A, Singh KP, Leong SM, Ooi A, Niazi A, et al OrSim | Post training performance of FOB intubation, as measured by intubation time and GRS, improved in Group SIM, while it was unchanged in the Group CON. The ORSIM simulator may be a useful adjunct in acquiring FOB intubation skills.

Training on a new, portable, simple simulator transfers to performance of complex bronchoscopy procedures

Krogh CL, Konge L, Bjurstrom J, Ringsted C OrSim | Virtual-reality (VR) simulation provides a safe and effective learning environment prior to practicing on patients. The effect of a brief, self-directed training session using a portable, simple simulator was substantial and transferred to performance of more complex skills.

Fibreoptic airway endoscopy training: comparison of three different trainer models

Vaidyanath C, Sharma M, Mendonca C OrSim | The participants agreed that the ORSIM improved hand-eye coordination, which is an essential component of fibreoptic endoscopy training. This study demonstrated that when fibreoptic endoscopic training is provided using these models, the advantages of the dynamic component become more evident.

Fibreoptic tracheal intubation training using bronchoscopy simulation

Badiger S, Fearnley A, Ahmad I OrSim |  With the results of the questionnaire and feedback from trainees, we feel that simulation is a valuable addition to our existing training methods and the advantages of ORSIM specifically are its portability, ease of use and its high definition graphics in a range of difficult airway scenarios.

Randomised comparison of ORSIM™ bronchoscopy simulator and Dexter® endoscopy trainer in improving fibreoptic endoscopy skills of anaesthetic trainees

Ungureanu N, Vaidyanah C, Mendonca C OrSim |  ORSIM® bronchoscopy simulator offered an advantage in terms of time taken to complete the endoscopy on patients…