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We are confident that doctors will be able to apply a more comprehensive knowledge and higher levels of TEE competence much earlier in their careers than was previously the case.
Dr. Harry Magunia
Tubingen University, Germany

Tübingen University launches its new TEE course with HeartWorks

The Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Department (Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Peter Rosenberger) at the leading Tübingen University of Medicine, Germany has recently launched its new TEE simulation course using the HeartWorks system. Dr. Harry Magunia, Staff Anesthesiologist at the University said, ‘While medical simulation has been gathering momentum in Germany for some years now, simulation training for TEE has been limited. But I believe that now, we have the opportunity to make significant improvements to the way we teach this important skill. We can achieve higher levels of competence in a shorter space of time and by providing practical experience on a manikin rather than a real patient, the benefits to patient safety are obvious.’