Imagine your team could learn how to carry out Obstetrics Doppler ultrasonography in a safe, realistic environment complete with learning, step-by-step guidance and assessment. ScanTrainer’s new Spectral Doppler for OB is a unique, hands-on training tool that does just that, empowering them to save babies’ lives by confidently spotting issues with fetal and placental circulation.

Using real patient scans combined with haptic (touch) feedback, detailed learning resources and comprehensive metric-based assessment, this training module is suitable for medical staff at all levels and is a powerful tool to help prevent stillbirths.

Empower your team to save lives
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Colour and Spectral Doppler

Doppler ultrasonography can prevent stillbirths by spotting issues such as fetal growth restriction (FGR) – that’s why it’s vital to ensure that staff are properly trained and confident using the equipment. ScanTrainer’s new Spectral Doppler for OB is a unique training tool that harnesses real patient scans to create the most realistic hands on training experience. Learning resources and comprehensive metric-based assessment combine to make training easier to deliver, more precise and tailored to each individual learner.

Fetal Lie and Placenta Localisation

Our ScanTrainer ultrasound training package empowers medical staff at all levels to use ultrasound equipment with confidence and skill. Our new fetal lie assessment and placenta localisation module has been developed in response to client demand and adds an important first step in the ScanTrainer learning pathway. It combines multiple patient cases with haptic (touch) feedback, and learning resources to ensure trainees build their skills and confidence safely, easily and efficiently.

Upgrade your ScanTrainer

ScanTrainer Enhance


New features include:

  • User friendly interface
  • Volume slice feature (enables users to see a view that is orthogonal to ultrasound fan)
  • Print time-based study logs, as well as certificates of completion
  • Improvements to metrics in many modules
  • Improvements to patient pressure sensitivity

New modules:

  • Ultrasound Physics Module – introducing the basic principles
  • Probe Manipulation Module – to improve hand-eye coordination and 3D to 2D visual awareness (available for TV simulator only)
  • New improved TV Obstetrics Core Skills module (including new patient cases & content improvements)
  • New improved TV Gynaecology Core Skills module (including new patient cases & content improvements)
  • New improved TA General Medical Core Skills module (including new patient cases & content improvements)

New cloud features:

  • Now over 1,000 cases in the Cloud Case Library
  • Improved Case Generator
  • Create mosaic cases (from multiple uploaded cases)
  • Add ScanTutor-style labels to uploaded cases
  • Ability to upload cases from GE, Toshiba, or Samsung ultrasound machines*

Hardware included:

  • New powerful PC with two monitors
  • New TV haptic
  • New constraint and probe


*not all machines are supported, please send us a 3D sweep
from your machine to check compatibility prior to purchase

ScanTrainer Enhance Plus


ScanTrainer Enhance Plus includes all of the features of Enhance, plus two Advanced Obstetrics modules.


Advanced Obstetrics modules


Colour and Spectral Doppler in Obstetrics module

Teaches the skills of using Spectral Doppler in Obstetrics, including vessel location, sample gate placement, identifying normal and abnormal waveforms and measuring spectral values. The module teaches these skills on the uterine artery, umbilical artery, ductus venosus and middle cerebral artery.


Fetal Lie and Placenta Localisation module

Adds an important first step to the ScanTrainer learning pathway, teaching the important skills of fetal lie assessment and placenta localisation. Trainees are assessed on their ability to correctly identify the position of the fetus and cardiac situs, as well as the position of the placenta. The module teaches on multiple fetuses and placenta positions.