The compact system for medical professionals wishing to learn scanning and diagnostic skills in transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasound.

This simulator offers a comprehensive and structured educational pathway from learning basic principles of ultrasound to scanning and diagnosing anomalies and pathology across multiple clinical specialities.

Cost-effective, easy to use and highly portable, ScanTrainer Compact is the most flexible training solution for your programs…. wherever they take place!

Extensive ultrasound training in one small package!
  • Learn ultrasound physics
  • Learn probe manipulation skills
  • Educational modules with on screen guidance
  • Trainee feedback on skills performance
  • Recognise anomalies and pathology
  • Over 1,000 real patient cases
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Key features of ScanTrainer Compact
Ultrasound Physics

Start with the basic principles of ultrasound for an understanding of:

  • The nature of ultrasound
  • Basic principles of real-time scanning
  • Doppler and image optimisation
  • Artefacts
  • Safe practice
ScanTrainer Probe Manipulation Module

This module allows trainees to practice and perfect the subtle combination of sliding, angling, tilting and rotating transducer movements required to capture quality images and examine complex structures. A series of engaging tests assess a trainee’s progression towards competency in this skill.

Access 24/7 expert guidance with our virtual tutor!

ScanTrainer Compact offers an extensive range of core and advanced educational modules. Integrated into each module is our unique virtual tutor – ‘ScanTutor’.

Providing real-time, expert guidance while scanning, traffic-light indicators highlight when the probe is in the correct plane and when the image is fully optmised.

ScanTutor Real-Time On-Screen Visual Guidance
Making self-directed learning easy...

ScanTutor guides trainees through tasks by highlighting the structures required for views. On-screen spheres indicate correct positioning of callipers when measurements are being attempted.

Extensive learning resources include expert videos for each assignment, scanning technique schematics and comprehensive text book references.

Assess every stage of your learning.... then move on!

Skills assessment after each lesson is comprehensive with Gold Standard metrics set within every test. Detailed feedback demonstrates correct and incorrect practice for each task.

TVS Results
Create your own patient cases... Design your own curricula!

Case Generator is a unique feature of ScanTrainer enabling tutors to upload their own scans to create patient cases and thereby, significantly extend the learning oportunities for trainees. These cases can be added to the current library of over 1,000 cases

Ultrasound Technician and Patient
Easy transition between transabdominal and transvaginal scanning

Simply unscrew one probe and replace with the other to easily switch between transabdominal and transvaginal scanning in your training programs. Lightweight and portable, you can make your programs flexible and run workshops anywhere.

ScanTrainer Educational Modules
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Emergency Medicine
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General Medicine
Extensive educational modules and training programmes for clinicians and sonographers wishing to learn transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasound are available for use with ScanTrainer to teach core and advanced scanning skills in a range of scenarios.
Even more educational resources in the cloud...
ScanTrainer Cloud offers users a ground-breaking range of features and educational tools that will optimise the teaching scope and learning potential for both the tutor and the trainee.
Student using Cloud
Trainees can have remote access to the system's extensive learning resources for pre-learning and revision. Likwise, tutors can set tasks and review trainees progress at a time and place that fits into their busy schedules.
ScanTrainer Cloud's extensive Case Library containing over 1,000 patient cases significantly expands a trainee's opportunity to encounter wide ranging pathology that would take longer to experience in clinical practice. New cases are continualy added and tutors have the ability to upload their own patient scans with Case Generator.
ScanTrainer Examine
ScanTrainer Examine brings all newly mastered theoretical and practical ultrasound skills together into an assessment tool to test diagnostic skills. OBGYN, General Medical and Emergency Medicine courses cover typical and rare patient cases to support core curricula objectives. Find out more...