The ScanNav Audit software provides real-time support for obstetric ultrasound practitioners performing anomaly scans at 20 weeks gestation. ScanNav Audit aims to ensure that a complete set of scan images are fit for purpose and conform to the required scanning protocol when captured during the procedure. The software will also provide a record of each sonographer’s performance, allowing managers to monitor staff and form part of the record keeping requirements of the clinic.

ScanNav Audit is currently a CE marked product in the UK only and will require further development and regulatory approval to meet the US and global scanning protocols.

The ScanNav AI software could potentially automate the required auditing for obstetric scanning and demonstrate quality and competency for every sonographer in a busy clinical setting. This new way of assessing images looks very interesting and could have great potential.
Katy Cook
Lead Sonographer, Fetal Medicine Department
St George’s Hospital, UK

In February 2018, the first pilot of the ScanNav real-time audit image analysis software was undertaken on a GE Voluson obstetrics ultrasound machine at the Fetal Medicine Department of St George’s University Hospitals NHS Trust, London, UK.

In July 2018, the pilot was extended to a second UK hospital on a Toshiba Aplio obstetrics ultrasound machine at the Princess Anne Wing Ultrasound Department of the Royal United Hospitals (RUH), Bath.

Further Information
Quality Protocol Scanning

The current version of the software automatically selects and saves the key images required to meet the FASP protocol in the UK. Further development will be required to integrate this software into OEM machines, as well as expanding the image recognition to meet the ACR protocol in the US and the ISOUG global protocol.

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Ensuring high standards in ultrasound departments

The software will also provide a record of each sonographer’s performance, allowing managers to monitor staff and form part of the record keeping requirements of the clinic.

Ultrasound Technician and Patient
Intelligent ultrasound partners with mediscan systems to use artificial intelligence (ai) and simulation to improve patient care in india

Intelligent Ultrasound is partnering with Mediscan Systems, a premier fetal medicine and ultrasound research & training centre, to use AI and Simulation to improve patient care in India.

As part of the partnership, Mediscan will also help Intelligent Ultrasound further enhance its obstetric AI image database to aid the development of its ScanNav AI-based clinical software that provides support for ultrasound professionals whilst conducting obstetric scanning. ScanNav’s AI technology uses deep-learning techniques which require large image libraries to enable the technology to comprehensively ‘learn’ how to identify normal and abnormal ultrasound images…

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Intelligent Ultrasound’s AI obstetric image database exceeds one million images

Large image libraries are a prerequisite to creating AI solutions. These images have helped MedaPhor to develop its ScanNav® AI-based clinical software for ultrasound professionals. The one million mark is a significant milestone for the Company, as it will enable it to build on its ScanNav software for the global obstetric ultrasound market.

To develop ScanNav, Intelligent Ultrasound has been working with anonymised ultrasound scans taken throughout pregnancy in eight countries. The latest addition to the ScanNav image library comes from a collaboration with University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) in the UK, which is using the ScanNav software to audit its routine obstetric ultrasound practice…

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