MedaPhor recognised as Top 10 AI Solution Provider 2018

October 10th, 2018|

MedaPhor has been named in Education Technology Insight magazine’s list of  Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers 2018. The magazine is one of the United States’ leading publications for those with an interest in how technology adoption can transform educational delivery.

MedaPhor’s real-time ultrasound image analysis software, ScanNav, uses deep learning-based algorithms to automatically identify, grade and capture good ultrasound images to provide real-time guidance, assessment and audit of obstetric scanning. In an interview with the magazine the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Nick Sleep, explained how ScanNav has the potential to revolutionise the clinical practise of ultrasound.

“Today, one of the major challenges facing physicians and clinicians is simplifying ultrasound so more medical professionals can use what is the fastest, safest and cheapest diagnostic tool in medicine”.

‘We believe ScanNav is the world’s first AI system to support scanning in obstetric ultrasound by helping sonographers capture high-quality images that meet clinical requirements.”

The full interview with Nick Sleep is available here.

Find out more about ScanNav here