HeartWorks pathology models for both TEE and TTE have been created to facilitate the ultrasound evaluation of patients with structural and functional disturbances of the heart and lungs.

This module includes:

  • Normal lung
  • Pleural effusion
  • Cardiac tamponade
Cardiac Tamponade TEE
Accompanying notes on the pathology models highlight the echocardiographic features displayed. The superb interactive functionality of the HeartWorks software is retained.
HeartWorks Pathology Models
Normal lung

This model demonstrates the ultrasound features of normal lungs, including pleural effects. (A and B lines, and lung sliding) and M mode imaging. Diaphragmatic movement has been introduced to the model, along with inferior vena caval and hepatic venous flow

Normal Lung TTE
Pleural effusion

A moderate sized left pleural effusion can be demonstrated on transthoracic ultrasound. Typical changes in pleural effects (loss of sliding and B lines) have been reproduced. Mobile fibrinous strands are present within the effusion.

Pleural Effusion TTE
Cardiac tamponade

Right ventricular and right atrial collapse caused by a significant pericardial effusion are evident in this model. Accurate Doppler representation of reduced cardiac output with respiratory variation in velocity and flow is incorporated. Characteristic loss of respiratory variation in IVC diameter is also apparent.

Cardiac Tamponade TTE
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Normal Lung
Pleural Effusion
Cardiac Tamponade
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