HeartWorks pathology models for both TTE and TEE imaging have been created to facilitate the echocardiographic evaluation of patients with structural and hemodynamic disturbances of the heart and lungs.

This module illustrates the features of Left Atrial Appendage (LAA) variants:

  • Unilobed
  • Multilobed
  • Hooked
LAA Multilobed Anatomy
Accompanying notes on the pathology models highlight the echocardiographic features displayed. The superb interactive functionality of the HeartWorks software is retained, including measurement capability.
HeartWorks Pathology Models
Variants of the Left Arial Appendage Anatomy: Unilobed, Multilobed and Hooked

There is considerable variability in the morphology of the left atrial appendage (LAA). It is important to understand the normal anatomical arrangements in order to accurately evaluate the appendage when considering the possibility of thrombus or for interventions specifically related to the appendage such as insertion of closure devices

LAA Hooked TEE

The LAA is characteristically described as a finger-like projection from the left atrium, near theleft pulmonary veins, but it may be hooked or have one or more additional lobes. With as many as 80% of people who will have more than one lobe to the LAA, this pathology module has been designed for students of echocardiography to familiarize themselves with LAA anatomical features and corresponding ultrasound views

LAA Unilobed Anatomy
Unilobed LAA
Multilobed LAA
Hooked LAA
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