HeartWorks pathology models for both TTE and TEE imaging have been created to facilitate the echocardiographic evaluation of patients with structural and hemodynamic disturbances of the heart and lungs.

This module includes:

  • Mechanical aortic valve
  • Right ventricular dysfunction with tricuspid regurgitation
  • Aortic stenosis and mitral stenosis Doppler
mAVR Anatomy
Accompanying notes on the pathology models highlight the echocardiographic features displayed. The superb interactive functionality of the HeartWorks software is retained, including measurement capability.
HeartWorks Pathology Models
Mechanical aortic valve

This model demonstrates a bileaflet mechanical aortic valve prosthesis. The Doppler profile permits detailed evaluation of prosthetic function while the characteristics of the left ventricle and aorta reflect the underlying native pathology ventricular hypertrophy and post-stenotic dilation of the ascending aorta.

Right ventricular dysfunction with tricuspid regurgitation

A dilated right ventricle with impaired systolic and diastolic function is associated with functional tricuspid regurgitation. The Doppler data accurately reproduces common findings in this clinical setting.

RV Dysf with TR TTE mobile simulator
Aortic stenosis & mitral stenosis Doppler

Flow velocity has been added to the existing mitral regurgitation model (Pathology Module 2). Spectral and colour flow Doppler displays demonstrate characteristic appearances of an eccentric jet, PISA and altered pulmonary venous flow profiles.

AS Doppler TEE
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Mechanical Aortic Valve
Right Ventricular Dysfunction with Tricuspid Regurgitation
Aortic Stenosis with Doppler

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