Measurements & Calculations

New measurement and reporting functionality has been added to the HeartWorks platform allowing students to learn and practise methods of quantification and reporting in echocardiography and will support institutional student evaluation and accreditation processes.


From picking up a probe for the first time through to taking measurements and calculations, HeartWorks is the only true-to-life simulation system that has got all the learning objectives for echocardiography completely covered.

Through the measurements menu students can access measurement functions, ranging from simple dimensions to more complex derived parameters such as Simpson’s and PISA calculations and dP/dt.

Measurements made by users will automatically populate a study report, to which free text descriptions of cardiac morphology and function can be added as in real clinical practice.

Completed study reports can be saved as PDF documents and exported if desired.

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Measurements & Calculations
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Our Support Plans give you access to new pathological model releases, Doppler imaging and measurement tool enhancements, as well as anatomical and software updates.

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