Augmented Reality (AR) is now an exciting part of the HeartWorks learning experience. Through tablet-based AR, students of cardiac anatomy and echo can now immerse themselves in the critically acclaimed and anatomically correct HeartWorks 3D heart. They can hold it in their hands, turn it around and look deep inside for an unparalleled understanding of structures and ultrasound views.

Learn Cardiac Anatomy and Echocardiography Anywhere
  • HeartWorks Augmented Reality is a highly portable solution with the fidelity of the HeartWorks simulator pre-loaded onto a Samsung tablet
  • Many of the standard HeartWorks features are available in this version, with a selection of viewing modes, including anatomical slicing, structure labelling and highlighting, and standard cardiac ultrasound planes
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An educational tool that’s versatile, easy to use and portable

With HeartWorks AR learning can take place anywhere at any time. From self-directed exploration of cardiac anatomy, single student and tutor training sessions, and demonstrating anatomy and imaging principles to small group tutorials. The display can also be projected onto a larger screen when teaching and lecturing to large groups.

Learn to recognise TTE & TEE (TOE) imaging planes simply, quickly and effectively!

Slicing and removing sections of the beating, interactive 3D heart model reveals underlying structures. When overlaying the corresponding ultrasound imaging plane, a clear understanding of image relationships becomes easier and the time typrically required to learn this complex skill is significantly reduced.

Helping patients understand their condition and their treatment

HeartWorks AR is not just an engaging learning tool, it can be used in the operating room or echocardiography laboratory to illustrate particular anatomic relationships relevant to the clinical scan. It can help explain anatomy and abnormalities to other clinicians, and help the clinician explain heart structure and function to patients.

The Complete Training System

HeartWorks is available in single modality options for TEE or TTE.
HeartWorks Dual Simulator includes HeartWorks Modules 1,2 & 3


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Our Support Plans give you access to new pathological model releases, Doppler imaging and measurement tool enhancements, as well as anatomical and software updates.

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Better training, Better healthcare…
Dr. Thomas Burch M.D., Cardiac Anesthesiologist from Boston Children’s Hospital gives a personal account of how simulation training using the HeartWorks system helped to increase his confidence with transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) in his patient care.

“I first came across the HeartWorks Simulator back in 2005 when I began teaching Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE). At that time it was extremely difficult (essentially impossible) to teach hands-on TEE outside the hospital…

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