HeartWorks echocardiography simulators incorporate velocity data, representing blood flow throughout the heart.

Colour and spectral Doppler modalities are available along with the tools with which to make a quantitative assessment of cardiac function. M-mode imaging allows students to learn correct cursor placement and measurement of cardiac dimensions.

MR Doppler TTE
HeartWorks Doppler functions are the most realistic simulated Doppler tools available for accurate assessment of cardiac structural and hemodynamic disturbances.
heartworks doppler & m-mode functions
Colour Flow Mapping

With the press of a button colour Doppler imaging is enabled. The size and position of the colour Doppler region of interest can be manipulated and the velocity range of the colour scale can be adjusted to increase or decrease the level of aliasing. Realistic flow patterns are obtained from all regions of the heart.

Doppler Tools CFM
Pulsed and Continuous Wave Doppler

Pulsed or continuous wave Doppler information can be obtained from the intracardiac region by positioning the sample volume or cursor line to produce a spectral display of the flow velocity at the chosen position. Features include angle correction and the ability to adjust both velocity scale and baseline. Measurements of velocity, gradient, velocity-time integral, mean gradient, pressure half time and deceleration time can be made on a frozen image.

Doppler Tools PWD CWD

The 2D and Doppler imaging offered by the HeartWorks system are complemented by the addition of M-mode imaging, which allows students to learn correct cursor placement and permits measurement of cardiac dimensions typical in a routine echocardiographic study. By altering the depth of field the student is able to optimise the image display.

M Mode
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Colour Doppler Imaging
Pulsed Wave Doppler Imaging
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