In order to contribute to the fight against the global pandemic, we have developed a COVID-19 lung ultrasound module to help front line clinical staff to practice and train in the use of lung ultrasound as a diagnostic tool in the identification and monitoring of respiratory related COVID-19 disease. The module includes four new cases for live scanning on the ultra-realistic Eve manikin:

•  COVID-19 example 1 – increased B-lines and thickened irregular pleura
•  COVID-19 example 2 – small bilateral consolidation
•  COVID-19 example 3 – large consolidation in the right lung
•  New improved normal lung example


As the front line fight against the virus evolves, we will look to release additional upgrades to the COVID-19 lung ultrasound modules as appropriate.

COVID-19 lung module

To help in the fight against this virus our frontline doctors and software development team have been working around the clock to develop and release a COVID-19 version of our BodyWorks training simulator to help train clinicians to rapidly acquire and practice lung ultrasound skills. This includes a number of examples of lung ultrasound appearances typical of COVID-19 infection.





COVID-19 ultrasound training for front line clinicians

John Shields, CRNA, professor at Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia has graciously produced a training video on lung ultrasound for those front line clinicians fighting the COVID-19 virus. Using the BodyWorks Eve ultrasound simulation platform with the new COVID-19 lung training module, this video provides a base for understanding how lung ultrasound can be used as a front line tool to access patients at the earliest stage.

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COVID-19 example 1

Thickened and irregular pleural line

Increased B-lines – within the anterior lung (in addition to inferior/posterior regions)

Areas of absent A-lines

COVID-19 example 2

Diffuse, thickened and irregular pleural line

Complete absence of A-lines

Increased B-lines – within the anterior lung (in addition to inferior/posterior regions); confluent in a few areas

Small bilateral consolidation – 3 small areas in the bilateral lower lungs less than 3 cm in diameter

COVID-19 example 3

Diffuse, thickened and irregular pleural line

Complete absence of A-lines

Increased B-lines – widely present, confluent in many areas

Large consolidation seen within the right lung

Static bronchograms can be seen throughout the consolidation

NEW normal lung

Thin and smooth pleural line

Few scattered B-lines at the dependent area of the lung

A-lines present

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